Monday, May 18, 2009


Forces enter Matta and Kanju:

18 May, 2009

ISLAMABAD, May 17: Security forces achieved significant successes in the Malakand operation and 25 militants were killed in clashes on Saturday night and Sunday, the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) said.

An army officer also lost his life and seven security personnel, including an army officer, were injured.

According to an ISPR press release, Operation ‘Rahe Rast’ has entered a new phase.It said troops had surrounded and entered Matta and Kanju to flush out terrorists.

Local people have been urged to help troops to identify militants and to keep away from their strongholds and hideouts.

The ISPR said troops could clear, secure and hold the area only with the help of local population, adding that security forces would flush out the militants or kill them.

Troops destroyed militant compounds in Dang Arkot and Nazarabad near Ranial when they encountered resistance. Five militants were killed in the mop-up operation.

A sketch of military deployment in Swat was also found from one of the compounds.The bodies of terrorists killed during the offensive were still lying there.

Security forces secured areas between Kanju and Nawan Killi (Ayub Bridge) and Ballogram and Takhta Band Bypass after intense fighting.
ISPR said that soldiers were fiercely engaging terrorists on the outskirts of Mingora.

Troops, meanwhile, were expanding their foothold in the Peochar valley, regained from terrorists earlier this week.

An army officer was killed and two soldiers were injured during action to clear and secure an important position on Saturday night. At least 20 militants were killed in the fighting.

Militants used rockets and 12.7mm machine-guns against the advancing troops in the area.

Security forces were consolidating their positions in Chakdara and cleared the area between Barikot and Tandodag. —APP DAWN OF 18-5-09

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